Talking Big Data at TechNet

QxBranch’s Executive Director, Dr. Ray O. Johnson, was a featured presenter at Goldman Sachs’ inaugural TechNet Conference, held in Hong Kong on May 27 to 28. Dr. Johnson participated on the panel “Big Data in the Real World” with tech leaders Guosheng Qui, Chairman and CEO of Gridsum; and Dhiraj C. Rajaram, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Mu Sigma, Inc.

The discussion covered trends in big data, humans’ evolving relationship with machines, and cyber security. Johnson contributed thoughts on quantum computing’s emerging role in financial risk analytics, his experiences in data analytics for security applications, and the opportunities quantum technology presents for predictive analytics.

On the latter, Johnson noted “the predictive component and simultaneous analysis will be a major contribution of quantum computing.”

In comparing current capabilities to the potential of quantum analytics, he stressed that deterministic systems, when misapplied, can give “exactly the wrong answer,” whereas quantum systems yield “probabilistic solutions closer to human thought.”

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