White Papers

13 December 2017

Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm

What is the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm and how can it be used for quantum algorithm development? This white paper provides a technical audience with the answers.

26 June 2016

Hamiltonian for Integer Portfolio Optimization

This white paper demonstrates the formulation of the discrete Markowitz portfolio optimization model for quantum annealing. 

10 February 2016

Finance Applications of Adiabatic Quantum Optimization

This white paper summarizes the technical capability and applicability to finance of the current generation of Adiabatic Quantum Optimization (AQO) computers, such as the D Wave® quantum computers.

18 February 2015

The Quantum Travelling Salesman

Quantum computing has been touted as a game-changing technology, but what will its true impact be? QxBranch has developed a method for solving the Travelling Salesman Problem – a flagship challenge in optimization – using the D-Wave Two® quantum computer. Using a quantum computing approach has the potential to revolutionize the many applications of this difficult problem.

4 December 2014

Foreign Exchange Pairs Portfolio Optimizaton

How will quantum computing affect your business? QxBranch presents the first in a series of white papers showing current, commercially available quantum computers solving real world problems. We take a common investment problem – portfolio optimization, demonstrate how to run the problem on a D-Wave Two® quantum computer and show how the D-Wave Two® successfully handles a complicating feature that is challenging for classical computers to solve. We link the quantum computing capabilities of today to a transformative, quantum-powered future.

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