QxBranch is collaborating with IBM Q to Accelerate Quantum Computing

QxBranch is one of a select group of startups to join the IBM Q Network, a worldwide community dedicated to advancing quantum computing and exploring practical applications for business and science. Teaming with IBM provides QxBranch greater access to quantum computing hardware and advanced quantum software tools, libraries and applications, as well as technical support on emerging quantum technologies and applications.

The QxBranch team works closely with our customers on both classical and quantum computing hardware to deliver artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networking solutions that drive business value. Accessing the latest IBM quantum computing capability will position QxBranch to expand our research and development to explore and validate solutions on the latest hardware. QxBranch will also collaborate with IBM researchers and technical SMEs, as well as other IBM Q Network organizations.

For more information, check out: IBM startups accelarate quantum

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