QxBranch CEO Michael Brett and CSO Paul Guthrie at FinTech Labs in Hong Kong

QxBranch and seven other companies were selected from more than 90 applicants for the twelve-week 2014 FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific. The Lab, which was launched by Accenture (NYSE: ACN) is a collaboration in Hong Kong between Accenture and leading financial institutions. In these photos, QxBranch CEO Michael Brett (4th from left) and CSO Paul Guthrie (2nd from left) receive their award.

Both QxBranch execs were also interviewed and describe their experience in videos.

MICHAEL BRETT (See Full Video): Excerpt: “We’re really excited to be here. For us, at our stage of development as as company, we’re all about customer discovery and the products we can build for them. To have access to the top technology people as part of the financial institutions, is absolutely thrilling for us … The quantum computing technology that we’re bringing to the world is potentially revolutionary for the finance sector. We’re looking for the best way to introduce that to a new industry.”

PAUL GUTHRIE (See Full Video): Excerpt: “We just never expected and never could never have hoped that we would have made this much progress, in terms of the value that we’re able to deliver to clients, in terms of how well we understand our market space, in terms of the number of very senior and very capable people that we’ve been able to talk to … We’ve doubled or tripled the number of resources we’ve put into [the Fintech program]. And have found all of it worth it…”

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