QxBranch announces partnership with Rigetti to Accelerate Quantum Computing

QxBranch is one of a select group of startups partnering with Rigetti to build the first generation of practical quantum computing software applications. Rigetti recently announced that they were building 128-qubit quantum computers with the low error rates that enable achieving quantum advantage. Today, Rigetti is introducing Quantum Cloud Services (QCS). QCS is designed to be the quantum computing platform that delivers the application-level performance needed to achieve quantum advantage.

As a selected partner, QxBranch will be able to access QCS through dedicated Quantum Machine Images (QMI) for select software and application developers. QMIs are virtualized programming and execution environments designed to develop and run quantum software applications. Partnership with Rigetti will enable QxBranch to build and distribute applications as part of QCS to reach the broader quantum computing community.

QxBranch works closely with our customers on both classical and quantum computing hardware to deliver artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networking solutions that drive business value. Accessing the latest Rigetti quantum computing capability will position QxBranch to expand our research and development and explore and validate software solutions on the latest available hardware.

For more information, check out: https://medium.com/rigetti/introducing-rigetti-quantum-cloud-services-c6005729768c

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