QxBranch and Data Science DC Host Event On Quantum Computing and Machine Learning

QxBranch partnered with Data Science DC to present an exploration of the rapidly developing field of quantum computing. A highly technical crowd of nearly 200 data scientists and software engineers attended the event held at the George Washington University Elliot School auditorium on Tuesday, March 8.

QxBranch’s Director of Analytics John Kelly, and Systems Engineer Tristan Cook introduced quantum computing and discussed what it can bring to machine learning.

John Kelly explained how quantum computing exploits quantum mechanical effects to solve problems and how the major applications of quantum computing are likely to be in large-scale optimization and machine learning.

Tristan Cook led a more technical discussion of adiabatic quantum optimization. He also discussed QxBranch’s experience working with the D-Wave Two quantum computer and offered a working example of programming and obtaining results from the device.

To close the presentation, John Kelly provided examples to illustrate how machine learning could be the ‘killer app’ for quantum computing, noting how the probabilistic nature of quantum computing maps well to machine learning problems.

He summed up the technology saying, “the real power of quantum computing will come not from accelerating existing algorithms, but from creating new approaches that directly harness the unique behavior of quantum devices.”

Our thanks to Data Science DC for hosting the evening. More information and commentary from the event can be found here.

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