QxBranch builds software and applications for quantum computers

We help organizations prepare for the future of data analytics with insightful and quality-engineered quantum computing applications.

Quantum computing and data analytics

Quantum Computing is an emerging technology that leverages the unique behavior of quantum physics to perform computations. This new approach enables efficient solutions to complex, large-scale problems in data analytics, including some practically impossible on classical computers.

QxBranch is building machine learning and optimization applications that create the highest value for enterprises when used on near-term quantum computers.

Quantum Computing Solutions

Application Identification
Quantum Computing Applications: Design and Build
Developer Tools and Simulation
Quantum Computing Education and Training

Application Identification

Enterprise customers want to understand how quantum computing will impact their business. QxBranch helps to uncover the opportunities to reduce computational expense and unlock new business operating models as quantum computing matures. QxBranch’s methodology has been refined over multiple successful developments with organizations globally.

We help you find applications in your enterprise that will be impacted by quantum computing by working through:

Problem Identification

Understand and characterize candidate applications in the context of the enterprise, assess potential value and likelihood of success, and prioritize applications for development.

Feasibility Assessment

Analyze and develop a mathematical mapping from the candidate application to one or more quantum algorithms on adiabatic or universal quantum computing platforms.

Tractability Assessment

Rapidly implement a proof of concept solution using the developed quantum algorithms on a simulated adiabatic or universal quantum computing platform.

Performance Assessment

Benchmark solution performance with respect to a relevant classical baseline on NISQ era quantum computing hardware.

Application Design and Build

QxBranch understands the  challenges in enterprise adoption and can work with you as a systems integrator for multiple quantum computing hardware technologies.

We help your enterprise to adopt and exploit quantum computing technology through:

Enterprise Prototype, Today

Align enterprise analytics capability with today’s modern data science tooling, including new quantum-inspired algorithms, through a prototype enterprise integration that crystallizes the current and potential application ROI.

Enterprise Production, Tomorrow

Participate in the quantum computing ecosystem, driving the technology agenda towards the enterprise need and value proposition. Seamlessly switch from simulation to real hardware to realize ROI ahead of your competitors.

Research and Development Partnerships

Partner with QxBranch to co-develop novel approaches to hard computational problems facing the enterprise using state-of-the-art quantum algorithms. Reduce risk and exploit opportunities by leading industrial research in the application of quantum computing.

Developer Tools and Simulation

QxBranch delivers enterprise quantum computing tools and simulation systems in the cloud and on-premises for enterprise users – the same tools QxBranch uses for its own application design and build activities. QxBranch maintains and supports this capability using industry standard and high quality engineering practices.

We provide your enterprise users with an experience that is:


QxBranch’s heritage in delivering operational Predictive Analytics solutions means we understand the enterprise developer environment. QxBranch’s tooling enables enterprise developers to access quantum computing capability within their preferred operating systems, integrated developer environments, programming languages and data science libraries.


QxBranch works with many of the leading quantum computing hardware vendors, each with a unique implementation architecture. In the Near-term Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) era, the benefits of each approach are still being evaluated. QxBranch’s tooling is designed to be agnostic to hardware implementation to allow enterprises to benefit from the broad hardware landscape.


QxBranch leverages its engineering experience in deploying and maintaining operational solutions to deliver quantum computing capability that is more than just an academic research tool. QxBranch uses disciplined engineering processes to deliver enterprise-grade developer tooling enabling early ROI for some quantum-inspired approaches and a painless transition to hardware at scale.


Whether for simulation of quantum computing systems, or execution on current generation quantum computing hardware, QxBranch’s tooling seeks to extract the maximum performance available for specific computational techniques and end-user applications. This includes GPU acceleration.

Education and Training

QxBranch provides training to executive and technical audiences on the potential impact of quantum computing to business, and can tailor training to focus on areas of greatest interest to your industry and innovators. Supported with hands-on experience in programming a simulated quantum computer, QxBranch can help prepare your workforce for the emergence of quantum computing technology and deliver a strategic advantage to your enterprise.

QxBranch offers education and training to your organization:

Tailored Learning

Invite the QxBranch team to brief your emerging technology teams, general managers or C-level executives on the impact that quantum computing can have on your business. We have done this before for global Fortune-500 organizations, government bodies in the US, Australia and UK, academic institutions and regional meet-up groups.

QxBranch has a broad understanding of multiple industry verticals and maintains high situational awareness that helps you learn and navigate the emerging quantum computing ecosystem.

Hackathon Events

The QxBranch Quantum Computing Hackathon introduces the basic concepts of quantum computing in an accessible and stimulating format. QxBranch has delivered multiple events since 2014 to corporate and academic institutions and has integrated positive feedback to continuously improve the user experience.

The Hackathon format is a full-day socially-competitive training event to explore and develop creative problem-solving using quantum computing techniques. Designed to suit a broad technical audience, individuals may participate with just undergraduate level skills in math and coding. Hands-on participation with a simulated quantum computer reinforces participant learning and initiates a new way of thinking about problems.