Who We Are

QxBranch was acquired by Rigetti Computing in July 2019. Founded in 2013 with offices in Berkeley and Fremont, California, Rigetti is a pioneer in hybrid quantum-classical computing solutions. QxBranch is thrilled to be able to accelerate its quantum applications work with increased access to Rigetti’s hardware and software teams.

The QxBranch team now leads application development within Rigetti, bringing their experience in delivering software engineering and data science solutions for customers. The team works with customers and partners from offices in Washington DC, London and Adelaide, Australia.

QxBranch serves commercial enterprise customers in the finance, insurance, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and media sectors with customized software to support analysis of pricing, risk, and customer behavior. We do this using the best available techniques and tools in data science and machine learning combined with high quality software engineering practices.

The emerging role of quantum computing holds tremendous promise for further improving our data analytics technology. Near-term quantum computing devices have the potential to dramatically increase the performance of optimization and machine learning methods core to our analytics business and we work with our customers to identify, develop and benchmark applications enabled by quantum computing. 

Guiding Principles

Every company has valuable and insightful data with the potential of creating business insights

Impact for Our Customers

QxBranch transforms the quality and trustworthiness of your data and augments it with external datasets to unlock value and realize business benefits

Data science is an art requiring human intuition, creativity, and critical thinking

Impact for Our Customers

We collaborate with our customers by blending your business knowledge with our capabilities to train and improve algorithm outcomes

Solutions must be explainable. Go beyond black box predictions

Impact for Our Customers

We provide explanations at the prediction-level so our customers can feel confident in their business decisions


Michael Brett

SVP, Applications

Michael Brett is SVP of Applications at Rigetti Computing. He is a co-founder and the former CEO of QxBranch. Michael has extensive experience developing and accelerating adoption of early stage technologies during his career with Shoal Engineering, where he previously served as COO. He has led teams to deliver innovative new products and services including sports devices, novel satellite communications solutions and risk analysis tools. 

Michael received his Executive Master of Business in Complex Projects and a Bachelor of Engineering from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

Duncan Fletcher

Technology Director

Duncan Fletcher is the Technology Director for Rigetti Computing’s Applications Development division. He previously led QxBranch’s team of software engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, and physicists on data analytics, software development, and quantum computing projects. His expertise is in high-performance computing application development, probabilistic risk analysis, simulations, associated software. 

A well-published author in aerospace modelling, simulation, and quantum computing applications, Duncan is currently also the Group Leader for Adaptive Information Architectures in the Weapons and Combat Systems Division of Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group.

Mark Hodson

Software Engineering Director

Mark Hodson is the Software Engineering Director for Rigetti Computing’s Applications Development division. He leads development of robust, mission critical software systems and software libraries to support operational environments, highly regulated activities, and complex data analytics. 

Over his 15+ year career, his approaches to challenging concepts in physics and mathematics have led to substantial contributions in modeling and simulation, systems engineering, and medical image processing; regularly contributing conference presentations and peer-refereed publications. He was a leading authority on technical management of complex projects for the Australian Defense Science and Technology Group’s Weapons and Combat Systems Division. 

Mark graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1998 with first class honors in Computer Systems Engineering.

Marco Paini

Program Director

Marco Paini is the Program Director for Rigetti Computing’s Application Development division. Marco was previously leading QxBranch’s client programs in the UK and QxBranch’s quantum computing applications portfolio development.  

Prior to joining QxBranch, Marco spent more than eighteen years with Accenture, where he held several roles in technology, working as a software engineer and a technology product manager, leading the delivery of technology programs, managing technology account and driving innovation with a focus on artificial intelligence.  In the last part of his career with Accenture, Marco oversaw the development of the quantum computing offering for the Accenture UKI Financial Services Technology Advisory practice.

Marco studied physics at the University of Pavia, where he collaborated with the Quantum Information Theory Group of Pavia, contributing to important results in quantum tomography.