A revolution is coming in computing and Australia is at the forefront

QxBranch at the forefront of quantum computing applications for financial market sector

In the Australian Financial Review article, (March 12, 2016, Tim Dodd), QxBranch is noted as a U.S./Australian start-up leading the software development efforts of the quantum computing applications for the financial sector.

The article discusses QxBranch’s demonstration of the potential of quantum computing to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during his first official U.S. visit in January, as well as the firm’s technical expertise in leading a quantum computing Hackathon event in November.

QxBranch chief executive Michael Brett provides an overview of the firm’s capabilities and the applications developed in Adelaide by QxBranch’s team of programmers. Brett notes that the quantum computing ecosystem is still in its earliest days, but “there is no doubt performance will continue to improve, both in the speed and range of problems we can solve, over time.” He goes on to suggest that there are significant advantages to developing applications now to take advantage of the technology.

The AFR piece states: “While the financial markets are an early target for QxBranch’s quantum computer software, the problems it is good at solving – such as optimisation, data searching and pattern recognition – have applications in many places.”

QxBranch director Dr Ray Johnson adds insight on how a quantum computer’s ability to quickly recognise patterns makes them more able to emulate human abilities than a conventional computer. And, he says, they will be very good at learning from their experience. “The killer app is in machine learning for quantum computers,” he says.

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