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QxBranch and Rigetti Join Forces

Rigetti Computing has acquired QxBranch, bringing application and hardware development even closer together. We’re thrilled to continue our collaboration on the path towards quantum advantage.

Explainable Insights

Plus the Emerging Potential of Quantum Computing

To make high-stakes, complex business decisions, you must have confidence in the underlying insights and predictions. But how sure can you be when those predictions are based on a proverbial “black box”? That’s why QxBranch’s Predictive Analytics solutions feature explainable data science, providing confidence in each prediction.

To build Predictive Analytics solutions that endure, you must respond to evolutions in business concepts, market needs, and the underpinning technologies that deliver insights. We utilize modern, adaptable methodologies focused on explainability and technologies that address these needs today.  QxBranch is a leader in Quantum Computing and helps organizations prepare for the future of data analytics with insightful and quality-engineered quantum computing applications. 

QxBranch is ready to help your business adapt to these challenges and capture valuable opportunities.

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Predictive Analytics Solutions

QxBranch offers explainable data science solutions for complex, high-value challenges which illuminate “black box” models and enable model validation and improvement, satisfy regulatory requirements, and address algorithm and data bias.

From strategy and consulting to scalable data-driven software solutions, we help clients maximize the potential of their data.

Pricing and Market Dynamics Analytics

Optimize pricing decisions and uncover insights hidden in market data

Risk Detection and Assessment

Detect and assess risk utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms

Behavioral Analytics

Identify customer behavioral patterns and sentiment analysis

Quantum Computing Applications

QxBranch is a leader in Quantum Computing, a rapidly emerging technology that is expected to help companies solve their most complex business challenges.

Application Identification

QxBranch helps enterprises gain a competitive advantage by identifying and prioritizing new and relevant business applications that leverage the emerging potential of quantum computing.

Quantum Computing Applications: Design and Build

QxBranch works with enterprises to assess the feasibility and potential business impact of applications, develop proofs-of-concept, and assist with publication of research.

Developer Tools and Simulation

QxBranch provides developer tools and simulators to help software engineers and data scientists quickly explore the benefits of quantum computing in their enterprise business environment.

Quantum Computing Education and Training

QxBranch provides software engineers and data scientists with tailored, hands-on quantum computing hackathons and training in an accessible and stimulating format.

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